Padgea’s Software-as-a-Service platform will rent more of your residential listings up to 3x faster with 20-30% less effort, lower your costs, and allow you to manage your business more effectively with our KPIs dashboard

Revolutionizing residential rentals for owners, real estate brokers, agents and property managers

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We're on a mission to be the Amazon of the real estate transaction ecosystem.

Integrating landlords, property managers, brokers and staff into one unified system where all parties can collaborate.

  • Brokers, owners and clients have one system to list, search and lease.
  • Property owners can provide details that directly reach thousands of agents. Owners have more power by requesting feedback, chat functionalities, real-time data, market analysis and more.
  • Apartment seekers have direct access to listings, scheduling, application process, agent chat and more.

Investment Highlights

6 offices, 140 real estate agents, 8,000 clients per year — BostonPads and its affiliated companies have rented more apartments in the Greater Boston area than any other real estate team in Massachusetts for 16 consecutive years.

Padgea is built based on current software in use at BostonPads, created and modified over a span of two decades by founders Yuan Huang, Demetrios Salpoglou and Aubrey Liss.

The proprietary apartment leasing software developed by the BostonPads management team represents approximately 25% of the entire database ecosystem that Padgea is creating.

In the Media

As the thought and transaction leader in Boston real estate, our insight helps renters, buyers, and investors understand the market. With the area’s largest real-time real-estate database, we deliver a host of data points that shows not only where the Boston real estate market is today, but where it’s going.  We are the most widely quoted and interviewed real estate platform in New England.

Senior Management Team

Our senior management team brings exceptional experience in successfully developing and integrating specialized software for the BostonPads family of brokerages, providing leasing solutions for over 100,000 clients.

John Reilly 


Over 30 years of leadership and innovation in real estate and technology investment banking.

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Yuan Huang

Co-Founder, COO

Over 20 years of real estate, finance, property management, and software/application development experience.

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Demetrios Salpoglou

Co-Founder, CMO

Over 20 years of real estate, SEO/website, software, property management, Landlord/Developer, real estate instructor, and public relations.

Jerry Washburn 


Over 30 years Financial & Technology Experience in leveraging and streamlining business processes for optimization, information collection, processing, and reporting.

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Selva Kumaraswamy


Selva Kumaraswamy has been harnessing technology to solve business problems for over 23 years.

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Nelly Yusupova


Over 18 years experience setting technology strategies and leading highly-technical, cross-functional teams and initiatives at a range of companies.

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Abhishek Kumbhat

AI Officer

Instrumental in Product Innovation and Technology solutions with New Age Technologies for over 18 years.

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Edvin Eshagh

VP Engineering

A strategic leader with a blend of engineering leadership and business acumen and more than a decade of experience in delivering world-class software products.

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Together, they created Padgea.



While successfully creating the largest real estate leasing team in New England, we recognized and implemented innovative systems and software that helped with scalability, integrity and stability. Where real estate offices, landlords and property managers of all sizes have been relying on incomplete, inaccurate and disparate systems for managing and leasing inventory, we set out to create a complete solution.

Padgea is the first and only complete centralized apartment finding and leasing eco-system. One that works in every market. For any size operator. Ready to handle the always-changing demands of the apartment leasing business.  It a revolutionary platform which brings new methods of approaching leasing that brings all parties together to fully optimize the process.  Everyone benefits in numerous ways in which current thinking and software do not deliver.

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