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For nearly 20 years Boston Pads has created a host of cutting-edge leasing technologies advancing Boston’s rental industry, gaining market share and paving the way for a more professional client/agent experience.

Technologies include but are not limited to:

  • Custom database with specific functionalities for scalable apartment leasing
  • Developed data specific reporting, creating a real-time availability rate (RTAR) & real-time vacancy rate (RTVR), an industry first
  • Compliance and liability reduction software for proper advertising and fair housing laws
  • Syndication technologies across multiple websites and social media platforms
  • Proprietary Admaker software
  • Leasing and Agent specific reporting tools - Custom CMS solution

Boston Pads provided valuable insight and strategic recommendations to national real estate platforms such as Zillow and Trulia on how to dramatically improve the consumer leasing experience and apartment leasing data feeds as far back as 2013. has also worked closely with Boston Pads on numerous recommendations including data integrity, open broker markets and best practices. is currently ranked #2 on Google for the keyword “Boston apartments” through applying expert search engine optimization. Boston Pads is currently outranking every single national real estate portal for the keyword “Boston apartments” except for Our platform and network of proprietary websites has delivered countless number one and highly ranked local long tail searches for various apartment and real estate related key phrases. 

Boston Pads has created numerous hyper local websites that helped aggregate the largest local real estate database of over 16,000 property owners and 183,000 apartment listings located in the Greater Boston Area.

We possess a wide depth of knowledge and expertise in software development, real estate brokerage operations and property management that makes us a unique and compelling force in the apartment leasing arena. Our team has worked with national real estate portals and have competed with them head on performing exceptionally well with significantly smaller budgets. In Greater Boston, we have prospered and consistently outperformed all national brokerages in apartment leasing for 16 straight years.

Our team is seeking funding to grow and produce the largest digital leasing ecosystem on the planet. Our ingeniously designed ecosystem will bring all various factions of real estate together to become more efficient and profitable while still retaining elements of competition.


Products and Applications

Padgea offers:

  • Scalability
  • Accountability
  • Vital transparency
  • Secure data
  • Accurate tracking and notifications
  • Integrated communications
  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased transactions
  • Reduced costs for users

Integrated Functionality for All Markets