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2023-2024 Development and Growth Timeline

Q2 2023
  • Hiring of CTO, CPO, VP Engineer
Q3 2023
  • NoCode MVP Development
Q1 2024
  • Full Version 2.0 Development
Q3 2024
  • MVP Beta Rollout to New York
Q4 2024
  • Full Version Beta Rollout

Timeline and Marketing Opportunities

Growing the Platform

  • Year-1 target:
    Rollout in NY/LA/Boston and 5 more cities
  • Year-2 target:
    Enter top 30 cities, adding 100 agent subscriptions per month

Additionally, landlords and brokers will be incentivized to invite others to join the system.

Bringing Padgea to Market


  • Traditional Media
  • Internet based

Sales Team

Outside Sales Reps
  • Meet in-person with larger operators
  • Attend trade shows and conventions
Inside Sales Reps
  • Maintain Client relations and solve client issues
  • Contact brokerages nationwide